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Jesus l'aventurier


CD digipack

Official release : March 28 2013

Price : 12,00 €


Jesus l'aventurier

T-Shirt Jack Dupon

With black logo in the front

Color grey

Sizes : S - M - L - XL - XXL

Price : 10,00 € + shipping cost



T-Shirt Jack Dupon

With red logo in the front

Couleur grey

Sizes : M, L, XL, XXL

Price : 10,00 € + shipping cost


bascule a vif

Bascule a Vif

CD Double LIVE

Released march 2012

Price : 11,99 €



DVD Jack Dupon

With all the music videos released since 2006,"Démon Hardi le Film" the film about the tour to USA in 2010, some of the best "live" and also full of "bonus", interviews and unusual ...

Price : 10,00 €


demon hardi

Demon Hardi

CD Digipack

October 2011

Price : 11,99 €


echelle du desir

l'Echelle du Desir

CD Digisleeve

June 2008

Sold out


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